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Lotus Elise Electric & Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen SE

A Californian Company (Tesla Motors) have developed a 100% electric version of the Lotus Elise with input from the Norfolk company. And before sports car enthusiasts switch off, thinking that electric cars are slow and boring, the new car is claimed to have a 0-60 time of about 4 seconds!
Sports car enthusiasts will finally have the option to choose a vehicle that is less harmful to the environment, thanks to work by Lotus and Tesla Motors. The new car will challenge popular conceptions about electric cars by offering efficiency and performance at the same time.
Lotus's lightweight Elise was the ideal starting point for the new car - there's no doubt about its dynamic abilities, and it's light enough to be propelled quickly by a relatively small electric motor.
The new car is said to be capable of a 250 miles on a charge, and running costs are around 1 cent per mile according to Tesla, and they calculate that this is equivalent to 135 miles per gallon from a conventional vehicle.
At this time, Tesla are undergoing the safety and durability tests on the new car, and final production is not expected until 2008.
Meanwhile, Mazda have produced a green version of their RX-8 and reports are that it will be coming to the UK. The car, known as the RX-8 Hydrogen RE can use both the alternative fuel, and normal petrol thanks to unique opportunities offered by the Renesis next-generation Rotary Engine. This is a huge step forward for hydrogen powered cars as motorists won't need to worry about being stranded away from home due to a lack of availability of the alternative fuel. As a result, it's hoped that buyers will invest in the new car even before the necessary infrastructure is put in place across the whole of the UK.

Other Information

New Mini

A new Mini Cooper S will be seen by the public for the first time at the Paris Motor show in September 2006.

Ford Ka

Ford's new Ka is due to arrive in the UK in 2008, and early indications are that it will be a popular new release.

Toyota can read your mind

Toyota are said to be developing mind reading devices for inclusion in future models of their cars, and these will be used to adapt your car's settings according to how you are feeling.
But don't expect to your Celica, MR2, Avensis or Corolla adjusting itself to your mood any time soon.

Hyundai Coupe Facelift

Hyundai have facelifted their popular Coupe once again, and it looks good.
The 'Korean Ferrari' has changed shape several times in its life and not always to the customer's liking. However, this latest revision, which will be on sale towards the end of 2006 looks great; the lines are leaner and meaner with a relatively agressive look from the front.

Audi S3

Yet another peformance car built on the Golf platform will be available from early 2007 in the shape of the incredible Audi S3.

Ralliart Mitsubushi Lancer Evo IX FQ-360

UK Performance specialists Ralliart have released a 366bhp variant of the current Mitsubushi Lancer Evo.

VW Polo Blue Motion

VW have stepped up the ante in the value for money stakes with their Blue Motion Polo; the new model is capable of over 72mpg and has a C02 rating of 103g/Km.

Mercedes F600 Hygenius

At the Tokyo motorshow last October, Mercedes unveiled their Hygenius hybrid-electric fuel cell vehicle, and now the prototype has made its way to the UK for demonstration purposes.