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Saturday 11th June 2011
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Project: CLIC Sargent

2011 Carnival Queen and Attendants
2011 Queen & Court
Charlotte Collett-Dodds - Age 16
Carnival Queen

Being Braintree Carnival Queen has been an experience! I've met so many new lovely people! And it has really brought my confidence up! Everyone from the carnival committee has been so nice to me and my princesses. I will miss Rebecca and Jennifer-Ann my carnival princesses a lot they were so well behaved and two lovely pretty girls that I got to know very well! Being carnival Queen has been really fun and worth doing! Its been one of the best years I've had!

Rebecca Mary Alderton - Age 7, Princess

My lucky number is three (why) because that was my number when I became Braintree and Bocking Carnival Princess. I was really excited and happy.
Our first carnival was Braintree and Bocking. The best bit was having free rides, unfortunately I was sick. We went to lots of different carnivals and village fetes. At the Burnham carnival we won a cup for court of the day. I feel that being a princess made me more confident in meeting people. My year as a princess has nearly ended and I am very sad but hopefully I will be able to try for carnival queen in six years time.

Jennifer-Ann Onukwue - Age 8, Princess

I was speechless when I was chosen, to be one of the Braintree and Bocking Carnival Princess's. Then I met Charlotte (The Queen) and Rebecca (the other Princess). My best carnival was the Witham one, because the other princess's were so kind and sweet to me. I would like to say a very big thank you, to Pat and Robert, because you were so kind to us! I would like to try to be Carnival Queen when I am older!

2011 Carnival
2011 Carnival
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