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Saturday 12th June 2010
Theme: Holiday Magic
Project: Help for Heroes

2010 Billy's Blog Aged 11 - My Twelth Carnival
Billy I have a 'Tag Rugby' tournament scheduled for Thursday 10th June. Therefore we will not be able to travel down to Braintree until Thursday night. This does not leave much time to get everything done so Dad is not a very happy bunny.
England are also due to play the USA in the World Cup on Saturday and the Circus cancelled their performance just three weeks before the event. Wot else can possibly go wrong. The rugby tournament has been cancelled (Note 2) at the last minute so we can go as planned. Journey uneventful apart from the sheep but I'm sure that you don't want to read about them. The Bolivian Mafia was of some interest but I'm not sure I should mention them.
Help Mum and Dad sort out prizes. This includes Tombola numbers but I stick the wrong numbers on the wrong prizes and Dad shouts at me. We then found out that Mum had given me the wrong list so Dad shouts at Mum. We then found out that Dad had printed off the wrong list so Mum and me shout at Dad. Dad sulks for the rest of the afternoon. Monty's Mecca This is when the work really starts as we have to put up all of the stalls. It's much nicer to do this when the sun eventually comes out to join us.
The best bit is the BBQ in the evening as I get to eat lots of Burgers (due to the lack of chicken nuggets). Mum and Izzy stay at the hotel cos Izzy is very tired.

Packing Away Dad keeps saying that the World Cup doesn't start until Sunday and there are no games today that he is aware of. I think he is 'in denial'.
We started packing away early after the field mysteriously emptied at 7:30. Dad says that it must be due to the weather even though it is still nice and sunny.
I keep asking Dad if I can go and watch the football. He is still in denial and won't admit that there's a game on. Catch him listening to the radio but he pretends to be listening to the shipping forecast. Watched the highlights of last night's game this morning and it was awful. I'm sure the next game against Algeria will be much better.
No BBQ this afternoon so we had to go and do a stock check. Don't know why we bother cos Dad always loses the list and we end up having to do it all over again. Back in Leeds and Dad has finally admitted that the World Cup has started. He predicts that it will be the most exciting tournament ever and England's best (Note 3). Dad has lost the stock list.

This will be my last Blog (don't tell Dad). I'm starting high school in the autumn and I will be far too busy and have too much home work. Mum says I might not be able to come down for the carnival. Dad says 'edumecation is not all about school work' and I should just look at him. I did and decided that I should concentrate on my school work. The rugby tournament was rearranged and my team came third (we was robbed). This meant that we did not qualify for the Leeds Games. However, one of the teams that beat us dropped out and we took their place in the Games at the end of June. We came fourth (we was robbed again). I'm not sure that Dad knows as much about football as he makes out. Although the events depicted in this Blog are based on real events some of it is made up. Any reference made to non-committee members either living or dead is highly unexpected. The work contained in these pages has been certified as the property of Braintree Carnival and all rights to it are up for grabs to the highest bidder.