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Saturday 12th June 2010
Theme: Holiday Magic
Project: Help for Heroes

2010 Carnival Queen and Attendants
2010 Queen & Court
Tamara Scrase - Age 16
Carnival Queen

I was very pleased to succeed my Sister as Carnival Queen for 2010 and would like to say how much I enjoyed my Reign. The highlights for me were the presentation of the cheque for the Help the Heroes and travelling to other Carnivals representing Braintree also meeting such wonderful people. I was honored to have been asked to open the shop for the Friends of Braintree Community Hospital and to join in their Carol singing.

I very much enjoyed the company of my two lovely princesses, Eleanor and Alice and would like to thank the Carnival Committee for all their help. Best Wishes to the Queen for 20 11.

Alice Pillinger - Age 8, Princess

I was so excited when I got chosen to be Braintree Carnival Princess. Me, Eleanor and Tamara had a gorgeous dress made for us, we also got a sash and a tiara. I loved every single carnival because they were special in their own way but my best carnivals were Witham and Gt Dunmow.
My most enjoyable Carnival was Braintree because I saw people I knew, like friends and family! I also did like Burnham-on-Crouch because it was at night time, it got really cold so we had to bring hot water bottles and massive warm, cosy blankets.
One of my memorable moments was meeting Pat, Robert, Eleanor and Tamara I will remember them forever! We won quite a few medals for best Court, best float, best queen (who always smiled and had fun) I always giggled and had fun and never stopped! I will never forget the memories we had!
I would like to thank Pat and Robert for everything and Eleanor and Tamara for being so kind and caring, thank-you for being a lovely court to me. Also Pats daughter and Ian for filling in and taking us to carnivals when Pat and Robert couldn't attend.
I loved being a Braintree Carnival Princess and I would love to be it again. Thank you so much for choosing me.

Eleanor Harding - Age 7, Princess

Saturday 10th April 2010, that was the afternoon that I went with my mum to enter for Braintree's Carnival Princess, it is a day I'll never forget! Number 12 was called, I had won! So had another girl called Alice.
We went to lots of Carnivals with our Queen Tamara. My favourite carnivals were Braintree because lots of my friends from school came and saw me in the parade; I also enjoyed Burnham Carnival because it was held at night. I loved the Queens tea that we had after each carnival with other courts.
I will miss being carnival princess but it has made me feel very happy and grown up.

2010 Crowning
2010 Queen and Court
2010 Queen and Court
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