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Saturday 6th June 2009
Theme: "Four Seasons"
Project: Friends of Braintree Hospital

2009 Carnival Queen and Attendants
2009 Queen & Court
Rebekah Scrase - Age 17
Carnival Queen

I very much enjoyed being the Carnival Queen for 2009. I was only sorry that my work commitments prevented me from attending some of the events to which the Carnival Committee were invited. I enjoyed the company of my two Princesses, Rebecca and Chloe and hoped they enjoyed the experience during the year as much as I did. I would like to thank everyone for their support and wish the Queen for 2010 a happy year.

Rebecca Patten - Age 8, Princess

I was really excited when I was chosen as Carnival Princess. We had a lovely pink dress made, and got a tiara and sash. I really enjoyed meeting Rebekah the Queen and Chloe the other Princess. I especially liked Braintree Carnival because my friends and family came to see me. Going to Burnham Carnival was really good because it was at night, and we got home really late! I also enjoyed going to my school fete and the' new hospital.

Chloe Guppy - Age 9, Princess

I was so happy to be chosen as Braintree Carnival Princess, I really enjoyed having my dress made for me, I loved visiting all the different Carnivals with my new friends, Rebekah and Rebecca. I enjoyed opening the fete at John Ray School, and presenting the cheque to the new Braintree Hospital. I have enjoyed being the Braintree Carnival Princess so much.

2009 Queen & Court
2009 Queen & Court
2009 Queen & Court
Bell of the Ball
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